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How To Choose The Best Antivirus Software

Given the world’s dependence on internet and the menacing increase in numbers of spammers, viruses and malware, a computer without a reliable antivirus software is like a body with no immunity shots; it is destined to fall prey, get weakened and become just a piece of engineering with no real use.

Antivirus software can secure your PC from the perennial risks of viruses, which float freely online and, worst, have many scamsters to spread them even more!

Good Antivirus Software Shut the Doors on Viruses

For any top antivirus software to be effective, it is crucial that it shuts the door and ‘windows’ to the onslaught of viruses, which constantly try to get on board and make trouble, spread like wildfire, infect crucial data files, send them over to hackers and consume significant amount of processing speed. Viruses are a reality and come bundled with seemingly innocuous files. Just when you think downloading a secure application is safe, viruses can spoil the party.

Viruses have gotten smarter, much like super bugs which have revived their resistibility and threatening us. For such smart spoilers, your PC really needs to be on toes and only the very best antivirus software can handle this responsibility.

Viruses are EVIL and you need protection

There is no running away from this fact. You might be a champion programmer or a smart user but viruses NEED computer antivirus software to be in place or they make you repent your confidence. After all you cannot stop midway while working and go through the codes to identify which one is a virus and not.

Catching viruses need an all time active protection that is best delivered by the very best antivirus software. They catch anti-viruses much earlier and ensure that files and critical information stays safe.

For any antivirus program to be called the best antivirus software, it should ideally:

  • Stay updated and current for viruses’ definitions
  • Offer easy scans and stop viruses from executing their command
  • Offer alerts and options to remove
  • Offer round the clock protection
  • Be easy to use and graphic based than DOS commands
  • Be compatible with various Operating systems
  • Not consume a lot of space and processing speed
  • Offer protection from malware and spyware
  • Offer an optional email protection as well

Besides them, good antivirus software should offer you advanced options such as scanning the web pages you are on, scanning downloads et al.

In deciding which antivirus software to try, go through user reviews and expert opinions. If the antivirus lists in the top ten, you can be certain that it would deliver.

What to Look for in Antivirus Software (Infographic)

What to look for in antivirus software

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